Hi! My name is Sarah and I am obsessed with food.  I am always on the lookout for the next religious food experience, and along the way I am making food memories with my family.  You see, for me, all memories are associated with food.  To this day, when I smell spice cookies I am back in Shushan.  Just getting off the bus from school to walk into our white farm house and seeing my mother in an apron and covered in flour.  In front of her are racks upon racks of cookies cooling, to be packaged for Christmas and I would smile and distract her so I could steal a few and hide in the pantry and devour them.  For me, my life is told in these stories triggered my a smell or a bite.  I want to recreate this experience for everyone.

When it comes to my food, my recipes range; sometimes I go for the gusto and spend hours tearing apart my kitchen for the perfect dish.  Sometimes I channel my inner Sandra Lee and mix store bought with fresh to make a quick meal.  Either way I promise it will be delicious.

So I hope you stop in to see what I am making in my kitchen.  Then take a  recipe and make a food memory with your family.  No matter how many people are over, there will always be room for you to nom in my kitchen.


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