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Ginger Scallion Pork Dumplings


Everywhere you look right now are reminders the end of the world is coming.  Every channel on tv, blogs, really it’s everywhere.  I believe in a lot of things, and I believe something significant is going to happen on 12/21/12.  Do I think the world is going to end?? I don’t believe it completely, but enough to make my families favorite meals on that Thursday.  If it is going to end, there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Whether it does end or doesn’t, there is something I want to tell you.  Your circumstances do not make you who you are, it is what you choose to do with them.  There are always hard times to overcome, and impossible situations but take charge of your situation instead of letting it take charge of you.  Remember that happiness is not a state of being, it is a state of mind.  If you cannot be happy with what you have, nothing will ever make you happy.  And lastly, the only chains that bind you, are the ones you put there.  If there is something you want to do, do it.  Do not allow the chains of fear or self doubt  hold you back.  Remember only you can put them there, and only you can remove them.

Ok, so on a lighter note.  These dumpling are awesome.  Too often I find dumplings to be tasteless on their own relying too much on their sauces.  These have good flavor all on their own.

I hope you enjoy them:)

Ginger Scallion Pork Dumplings

1lb pork (I used 80%)

1 Bunch of Scallions (they come that way from the grocery store), diced- greens only

1 1/2 Ginger minced

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce

1 Tablespoon of Cornstarch

Wonton Wrappers

Napa Cabbage

Dipping sauce of your choosing

1.Simmer water on the stove with a bamboo steamer or any other kind of steamer you have lined with the napa cabbage on top.

2.Mix together the first four ingredients.

2.Sprinkle in the cornstarch and mix well.  Do not just dump it all in a heap because it will clump.

3. Using a 1/2 teaspoon measure put in wonton wrappers and use water to seal.  Do your best at making pleats on your dumplings.

4.Place in the steamer and steam for 20 mins.  Perfection and soooo very easy!!!

Btw: this recipes makes a ton of these, so you can freeze the leftover filling for another time if you would like.